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Solar Lighting Benefits / Advantages
Mount anywhere - on buildings or a standard pole
No trenching, no meter, no wiring . . . and NO electric bill!
Can be installed in the most remote locations
Can be moved to another location as needs change
Cost-effective and reliable in all climates and seasons
Cost savings from day one due to ease of installation
No cost for daily operation
Not connected to grid power - will work even when electric power is out
Reach beyond commercial power lines
Lighting works well to deter crime
People feel safer when areas are illuminated
Will turn on even after cloudy days
Plug-in components - quick installation and relocation
Meets IES standard and National Electric Code
GSA - Federal Supply Schedule
Meets Department of Transportation specifications
Eligible for credits on state & federal taxes



Solar systems provide unmatched convenience, reliability and efficiency. 
Each solar light has its own "power plant" - so you don't depend on far away generating stations, transmission lines, substations, switches and transformers.
Since each solar electric light operates autonomously, every light is programmed through its own control system, to turn on and off as needed.  And, in the unlikely event that an individual solar outdoor light fails, no other lights are affected.
Solar systems outperform traditional wired systems hands-down.
In a solar installation, initial costs are incurred for the self-contained energy collection and storage system.  But after that, the energy itself is FREE!
When compared to the traditional system's cost for cable, trenching, metering equipment and construction - plus electric bills continuing forever - the solar system's advantages can be dramatic and immediate!


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