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Solar Lighting Basics

The sun is a direct source of energy.  Using renewable energy technologies, we can convert that solar energy into electricity.

Solar powered lighting is a relatively simple concept.  In a basic way, the system operates liks a bank account.  Withdrawals from the battery to power the light source must be compensated for by commensurate deposits of energy from the solar panels.  As long as the system is designed so deposits exceed withdrawals on an average daily basis, the battery remains charged and light source is reliable powered.

  • The sun provides a direct source of energy to the solar panel
  • The battery is recharged during the day by direct-current (DC) electricity produced by the solar panel
  • The light source is powered by the battery each night
  • Electronic controls are used between the battery, light source, and solar panels to protect the battery from overcharge and discharge, and to control the timing and operation of the light.


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