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Turtle Friendly Lights

Greenshine New Energy' s Turtle Light-30W (Model #DS73J) fixture is equipped with amber LEDs, using a long wavelength light as well as an optional light shield to minimize impact on marine wildlife. This Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission certified light can be used for ecologically sensitive areas, sea turtle nesting beaches, migratory corridors, and Dark-Sky Friendly communities. The power consumption of this lighting fixture is available for adjustment.



Power Consumption 32W
Operation Voltage 100V-277V AC
Frequency Factor 50/60Hz
Materials Aluminum and PVC Lens
Life Span 50,000 hours
Light Color Amber
Dimension 24" (L) x 13" (W) x 7" (H)
Gross Weight 14 lb.
IP Rate IP 65
Warranty 3 years
  • Max of 12 feet high is recommended for pole mounted fixtures near a nesting beach.
  • High brightness: The wattage of the LED lamp is equivalent to 2~3 times of the wattage of a HPS lamp and 6~10 times of an incandescent lamp.
  • Great heat dissipation performance: Made of die-cast aluminum, a good heat conducting material. Multiple individual LEDs with 1 watt each spread the heat across a larger area
  • Designed for outdoor lighting: Large illumination area; IP65 for the light fixture: tempered glass lens, water-proof, dust-proof, and anti-vandalism
  • Environmentally friendly: Unlike HPS and MH lamps with poisonous metal element, LED lamps do not contain poisonous metals and the wasted LEDs are recyclable. So the LED lamps are environment-friendly.
  • Additional shielding is available and paintable.



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